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Basic Services:


Exterior Express Wash $40.00
Exterior water-less wash~ hand dry~
Spray polish~ Rims, tires dressed~ Windows~ Trim



Interior/ Exterior Combo $85.00
Exterior hand wash ~Hand dry ~ Windows~
Hand wax or polish~ Tires/Rims ~Trim~ Floors
and seats vacuumed~ Vinyl/ Leather dressed


Interior Clean $30
Vacuum seats, carpets, trunk, mats ~
Windows~ Dashboard~ Leather or Vinyl / Trim
cleaned and conditioned~ Door jams


Premium Clean $155.00
Exterior hand wash ~ Hand dry ~ Windows~
Wax or Polish (BUFF) ~ Vacuum seats, carpets,
trunk, mats ~Glass~Clean Dashboard  and
dress  ~All Vinyl / Leather / Trim cleaned and
conditioned ~Floors, Seats, Doors, Carpet/ Vents
shampooed cleaned and deodorized


Additional Services:

Buff Pro High Speed Buffing NO SWIRL
The Ultimate Protect and Shine (please inquire)


Clay Bar $50.00
Removes surface contamination


Headlight Restoration $45.00
Removes dulling and yellowing


*Pricing reflects small 2 door car and is subject to
change upon size and condition of vehicle


Please inquire about all services offered, this is
a partial list. We detail Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles
Trucks, ATV’s and commercial vehicles


Returning customer and Fleet discounts